“Jounce conjures an early period J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), with enough slacker-grunge chops that prove strangely hypnotic...”


Jounce is a punk infused anthemic rock group from Brooklyn, NY. Their sound blends mid 90s indie rock, melodic grooves of early aughts all with a driving, youthful punky ambition. A unique but digestible listen, Jounce has been touring since 2001 providing a soundtrack for their many fans, newcomers and patrons of bars, clubs and music halls across the country. They have supported such national acts as Sponge, Local H, Meat Puppets, Richard Lloyd, and Polaris among others. An ever evolving 90s rock hybrid.
And for the record, we think Little Pete would dig Jounce.


Danny Tamberelli


Matthew DeSteno


Tim Kuhl


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